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Academic Advancement Center
Academic and Training Center
Academic And Training Center AED(s)
Academic Village
Academic Village AED(s)
Administration Building
Administration Building AED(s)
Administration/Student Services Parking Lot #349
Administration/Student Services Parking Lot #350
Aggie Village Apartments
Aggie Village Parking Lot #580-581
Agricultural Research, Development Education Center (ARDEC)
Alder Hall
Alder Hall AED(s)
Alder Hall Parking Lot
Allison Hall
Allison Hall Engineering Computer Lab
Allison Parking Lot #172
Alpine Hall
Alumni Association - Denver
Alumni Center
Ammons Hall
Ammons Hall AED(s)
Anatomy/Zoology Building
Anatomy/Zoology Building AED(s)
Anatomy/Zoology Parking Lot #535
Anderson Computer Lab
Animal Cancer Center
Animal Population Health Institute
Animal Reproduction Biotechnology Lab
Animal Reproduction Biotechnology Lab AED(s)
Animal Sciences Building
Animal Sciences Building AED(s)
Animal Sciences Computer Labs
Animal Sciences Parking Lot #455
Annual Trial Gardens
Art Department Computer Lab
Aspen Grille
Aspen Hall
Atmospheric Science
Atmospheric Simulation Lab
Atomospheric Science Building AED(s)
Avenir Museum of Design & Merchandising
Aylesworth Computer Lab
Aylesworth Hall
Aylesworth Hall AED(s)
Aylesworth Hall Parking Lot #475
Aylesworth Hall/Braiden Hall Parking Lot #470
B.W. Pickett Equine Center
Behavioral Sciences Building
Behavioral Sciences Building AED(s)
Biology Computer Lab
Biomass Plant
Braiden Hall
Braiden Hall AED(s)
Centennial Hall
Centennial Hall AED(s)
Center for Disease Control (CDC)
Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands
Chemical & Biological Engineering
Chiller Building
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Clara A. Hatton Gallery
Clark A
Clark B
Clark Building
Clark Building AED(s)
Clark C
Clark Computer Labs
Clinical Pathology Laboratory
College of Health and Human Sciences
College of Natural Resources Computer Labs
Colorado 4H
Colorado Division of Wildlife
Colorado State Forest Service
Colorado State Forest Service Nursery
Computer Science Building
Computer Science Building AED(s)
Computer Science Computing Labs
Conference Services Center
Conference Services Parking Lot #650
Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
Corbett Hall
Corbett Hall AED(s)
Corbett Hall Parking Lot #135
Counseling Services
CSU Transit Center
Curfman Gallery
Danforth Chapel
Denver Center
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
Department of Biology
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Department of Business and Financial Services
Department of Construction Management
Department of Design and Merchandising
Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Department of Geosciences
Department of Health and Exercise Science
Department of Mathematics
Department of Physics
Department of the Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences
Department of Web Communications
Diagnostic Medicine Cener AED(s)
Diagnostic Medicine Center
Division of Continuing Education
Drake Centre
Drake Hall
Durrell Center (Dining Hall)
Durrell Center AED(s)
Durward Hall
Early Childhood Center
Earth Flow Composting Project
East Drive Parking Lot #445
Eddy Hall
Edna Rizley Griffin Concert Hall
Education Building AED(s)
Education Computer Lab
Edwards Hall
Edwards Hall & Academic Village Parking Lot #230
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Engineering Building
Engineering Building AED(s)
Engineering Computer Labs
Engineering Hall
Engineering Research Center
Engineering Research Center Building AED(s)
Engineering/LSC/TILT Parking Lots #310
Environmental Health Building
Environmental Learning Center
Equine Orthopaedic Research Center
Equine Reproduction Laboratory
Equine Sciences Center
Equine Sciences Center Building AED(s)
Ethnic Studies
Facilities Services Center
Facilities Services Center AED(s)
Foothills Campus
Fum McGraw Athletic Center
Gardens On Spring Creek
General Services
Gibbons Building
Gibbons Building AED(s)
Gifford Building
Gifford Building AED(s)
Gifford Computer Lab
Gifford Parking Lot #520
Glenn Morris Field House
Glenn Morris Field House AED(s)
Glenn Morris Fieldhouse Parking Lot #335
Glover Building
Green Hall
Green Hall AED(s)
Green Hall North Lot #155
Green Hall South Lots #160
Guggenheim Hall
Hartshorn Health Center
Hartshorn Health Center AED(s)
Hartshorn Health Center East Lot #420
Hartshorn Health Center West Lot #421
Health Education & Prevention Services
Heating Plant
Honors Hall
Howes Street Business Center
Howes Street Business Center AED(s)
Hughes Stadium
Human Resource Services (HRS)
Indoor Practice Facility
Indoor Practice Facility AED(s)
Infectious Disease Annex
Infectious Disease Research Center (IDRC)
Ingersoll Computer Lab
Ingersoll Hall
Ingersoll Lot #215
Ingersoll Lot/Edwards Hall Parking Lot #220
International House
International House AED(s)
Intramural Gym
Intramural Sports Fields
Jack Christiansen Memorial Track
Johnson Hall
Johnson Hall AED(s)
Judson M. Harper Research Complex
Judson M. Harper Research Complex AED(s)
Lake Street Parking Garage
Lake Street Parking Garage AED(s)
Lake Street West Parking Lot #515
Laurel Hall
Laurel Village
Library (William E. Morgan Library)
Library AED(s)
Lory Apartments Parking Lot #130
Lory Student Center
Lory Student Center AED(s)
Lory Student Center Plaza
LSC Theatre
Madison McDonald Observatory
Mason Street Parking North #330
Mason Street Parking South #575
Mechanical Engineering
Medical Services and Student Health Insurance
Microbiology Building AED(s)
Microbiology Computer Lab
Military Annex
Military Science
Moby Arena
Moby Arena AED(s)
Moby Arena/Event Parking Lot #195
Moby Computer Lab
Molecular and Radiological Biosciences
Molecular and Radiological Biosciences AED(s)
Monfort Quadrangle
Morgan Library Parking Lot #425
Motorsport Engineering Research Center
National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation
Natural and Environmental Sciences Building
Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Natural Resources Building
Natural Resources Building AED(s)
Natural Resources Research Center
NESB Computer Labs
Newsom Hall
Newton's Plaza
Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy Building AED(s)
Office of Admissions
Old DLab Building
Old Town
Painter Center
Palmer Center
Parmelee Hall
Parmelee Parking Lot #145
Pathology Building AED(s)
Perry N. Ragouzis Sculpture Courtyard
Physiology Building AED(s)
Physiology Parking Lot #540
Piñon Hall
Pingree Park
Pitkin Street East Parking Lot #547
Pitkin Street West Parking Lot #240
Plant Sciences
Plant Sciences Building AED(s)
Plum Lot #180
Plum Lot #180
Potting Shed
Poudre Fire Authority Training Center
Poudre Fire Authority Training Center AED(s)
Powerhouse Energy Campus
Preconstruciton Center Computer Lab
Preconstruction Center
Presidents Office
Provosts Office
Ram Field
Rams Horn
Regional Economics Institute
Registrars Office
Research Innovation Center (RIC)
Rockwell Hall
Rockwell Hall - North (Third Rock)
Rockwell Hall - West
Rockwell Hall AED(s)
Rockwell Hall Computer Lab
Rockwell Parking Lot #305
Ropes Course
Routt Hall
Sage Hall
Sage Hall Parking Lot #325
School of Biomedical Engineering
Shepardson Building
Shepardson Computer Labs
Solar Plant
Spruce Hall
Spruce Hall AED(s)
Stanley G Wold Resource Center
Statistics Building
Statistics Building AED(s)
Stock Judging Pavilion
Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SCAVMA)
Student Diversity Programs & Services
Student Financial Services
Student Recreation Center
Student Recreation Center AED(s)
Student Services
Summit Hall
Summit Hall Parking Lot #245
Surplus Property Warehouse
Suzanne and Walter Scott, Jr. Bioengineering Building
Sweet Sinsations
The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT)
TILT / Ammons Parking Lot #315
TILT Building AED(s)
Training and Organizational Development
Transit Center
University Art Museum
University Avenue East Parking Lots #440
University Center for the Arts
University Center for the Arts Building AED(s)
University Center for the Arts Parking Lot #625
University Childrens Center
University Greenhouse
University Service Center AED(s)
University Services Center (USC)
University Square
University Square Building AED(s)
University Village
University Village AED(s)
University Welcome Center
University Writing Center
USDA/Animal Population Health Institute Site (APHIS)
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Veterinary Teaching Hospital AED(s)
Vice President for Research
Visual Arts Building
Visual Arts Building AED(s)
Visual Arts Parking Lot #505
Vocational Education
Vocational Education Building AED(s)
W.D. Holley Plant Environmental Research Center
Wagar Building
Warner College of Natural Resources
Weber Building
Weber Building AED(s)
Weed Research Lab
Westfall and Durward Parking Lot #110
Westfall Hall
Westfall Parking Lot #115
Yates Hall
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58 Oval 40.576319, -105.080957 Popular Destinations
Green/Open Spaces
Campus Tour
oval.jpg The oval at Colorado State University is a landmark in its own right. Filled with large, beautiful trees, the oval houses an intersection of walkways from various sections of the campus. Showcasing each season with breathtaking ability, it is a true visual symbol of the university.

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